Betterment For All

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TwinHills prioritizes individuals of all Ages, Stages and Wages with Inclusivity and Intergenerational living:

Beyond Affordability Advantages:

  • Architectural Standards
  • Architectural Integrity
  • Amenities for Healthy Living and Less Stress
  • Exercise, Play & Employment Convenience
  • Lifelong Learning Opportunities
  • Authentic Downtown Feel Without Traffic

Product Types:

  • L-Shaped Triplex Mansion Houses
  • Above Office Small Condos with Big Luxuries
  • Above Office Lakeside and Waterway Residences
  • WORK-LIVE Up-Down Row Houses
  • Stacked Bungalows with View
  • Village Clusters with Shopping & Eating Convenience

  • Apartment Courtyards for Families
  • Mixed-Use Loft Living
  • Cooperative Housing Above Offices
  • Active Living Options with Comfort
  • Continuous Care for the Health Challenged


Contact us @TwinHills for information on Mixed-Use Housing Varieties.


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