5 BOTTOM LINE Approach

Calgary Municipal Development Plan’s Criteria

Calgary Municipal Development Plan

LEED-ND Criteria

5 BOTTOM LINE achieves:

  • City $$$ saved through integrative efficiency
  • Responsive to people, city & business needs
  • Best global profile and practices
  • Supports environment & creates sustainability


Beyond Urban Sustainability for Mixed-Use @TwinHills CyberCity

Green Restaurant View

Environmental Standards in LEED & LEED-ND

  • Net Zero & Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Passive solar design
  • Wetlands conservation
  • Low Impact Development (LID)
  • Green multimodal options

WORK-LIVE sustainability through green building has a huge impact on the natural environment and human health, but is also one of TwinHills cost savings measures for its resident tenants.

Leed Tech Campus

Economic Growth in Tech Colocations Start-Ups

Economic growth through investment in leading technology and start-ups improve the economy from local to global markets, through job creation and cyber opportunities from our unique location.

Green Community Space

Integrated Technology for Smart Intelligent Grids

A grid of leading edge sensors, monitors, AI, analytics and systems makes TwinHills responsive to people through integrated infrastructure efficiencies, monitoring and decreasing impact on the environment or transportation hassles while ensuring its residents children or seniors safely walk alone.

Smart Digital Art

Authentic Social Thriving depends on Social Responsibility

Ample walking and biking opportunities are just part of TwinHills Wellness, creating safe, rich gathering, exercising, relaxing and destressing places. TwinHills is about a variety of authentic experiences.

Stimulating Wellness in Connected and Active Lifestyles

Bringing together TwinHills visitors and residents in vibrant comfortable meeting, eating or greeting spaces within nature or well-designed buildings for inclusive, intergenerational enjoyment.