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What makes TwinHills especially unique is its amazing location with a combination of attributes that many are looking for today. At TwinHills it is all about commerce, connections, and care.



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Five Bottom Line

At TwinHills, we believe community development is more than just building infrastructure. It is about meeting the needs of many generations by building smart communities that are innovative and globally competitive. That is why we follow a five bottom line approach – two steps ahead of the triple bottom line model, because it is the right thing to do.

Click Here to read about, and navigate, our Five Bottom Line approach.

Integrated Values Framework

TwinHills provides integrity while allowing for innovation. Making it a next era town that works.”

Our Team

The voluntary TwinHills Advisory Council was created for providing varied expertise and experiences beneficial to TwinHills. Its purpose is to provide both advice and governance on different aspects resulting in building this innovative project. The TwinHills Advisory Council forms an interdisciplinary knowledge base, which is crucial in creating a holistic community. This collaboration results in higher standards and cost saving operations for governments, builders, and operators.

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